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When choosing gutters, one of the very first choices you will need to make is deciding what material, and what style of gutters. Aluminum is the most commonly used material for gutters. Copper, galvanized steel, and plastic are also commonly used. The most common style of gutters are the K-style 5-inch however in areas that experience heavier rainfall such as Tampa FL. it is becoming more common to install the K-style 6 inch gutters as they are capable of handling more watershed.

Seamless gutters are far less likely to leak than traditional gutters. Seamless gutters are often formed on site with specialized truck-mounted gutter machines that full flat metal from a coil and shape the gutters to the determined profile. To deal with thermal expansion and contraction, seamless gutters are typically limited to 50 ft. in length. Seamless gutters are also available premade at lumber yard and supply shops, however they are usually limited to 10 or 20- ft. lengths. This means more joints, meaning a gutter system that is more prone to leaks.


K-Style Seamless Gutters

K-Style seamless gutters are usually formed on-site with gutter forming machines mounted on the back of a truck or trailer. They are also made available pre-formed at supplers, but they only come in 10 ft. or 20 ft. lengths. K-style gutters costs approximately $2.50 per linear foot for 5″ and $3.75 for 6″. These prices are for the gutters only. The cost of K-Style aluminum gutters installed is around $7 per linear foot for 5″, $10 for 6″, & $13 for 7″. Aluminum gutter are available in several weights. The most common weights for aluminum gutters are 0.028 in. or 0.032 in. Aluminum gutters come prepainted, most commonly in white. Check with your supplier for other available colors.