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K-style gutters are a style of gutters with a flat bottom and curved edges that has a similar look to crown molding. K-style gutters have become one of the most popular types of gutters as they are able to seamlessling blend with the roofline or a home and other types of building. 5 inch gutters is the most commonly used size of k-style gutters. However, in climates that experience more intense rainfall, 6 inch K-Style gutters are more commonly used. 7 inch K-Style gutters are also common for home that have hire profile roofs like barrel tile or insullated metal panel roofs. The need for 7 inch K-style gutters would be if the profile of the roof sits higher causing the watershed to overshoot smaller sized gutter systems. Before installing K-Style gutters, you need to be sure you know how to size gutters properly for the building they are being installed on, and the intensity of rainfall where they are being installed.

Advantages of K-Style Gutters

  • K-style gutters look nice on modern homes.
  • Since K-Style gutters are flat, they can be fastened directly to the fascia board meaning you don’t need to deal with a lot of brackets. It is best to always hire a professional to do this kind of work. If installed incorrectly your K-style gutters system may not drain properly or could even leak causing rot issues along your roof eaves. Make sure to use compatible fasteners to avoid galvanic corrosion.
  • K-Style gutters are seamless meaning they are less prone to leakage compared to traditional gutters.
  • K-Style gutters can hold more water that traditional gutters due to their flat bottom.
  • K-Style gutters are more aestetically appealing that traditional gutters.
  • K-Style gutters can be made of aluminum, copper, vinyl, or galvanized steel. Aluminum is the most common material used to fabricate K-Style gutters
  • Seamless options are available.

Disadvantages of K-Style Gutters

  • Due to their flat botton, K-Style gutters are not as easy to clean as rounded gutters since debris can get stuck in the corners.

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