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Aluminum is commonly used to fabricate gutters because it is economical, easily fabricated on the job site, and is effective. Truck mounted seamless gutter machines can be brought to the job site and 50 ft aluminum gutters can be fabricated right there on the spot. Aluminum gutters can be made in several different weights, the most common weight being 0.028 in., however it isn’t much more expensive to upgrade to 0.032 in. The heavier the weight, the hard it is to ding or dent, and they hold up better in heavy rain and snow. Aluminum gutters come prepainted in a variety of colors, white being the most common.


Being a commodity metal, the price of copper fluctuates according to the futures market. Since 2021 the price of copper has fluctuated between $3/lb and $5/lb. To see current price CLICK HERE. As of today, 5″ 20 oz K-Style copper gutters cost approximately $14/ft. Sheets of copper used for gutters usually come in weights of 16 oz. per sqft. Copper gutters are extremely durable, and can last more than a lifetime. Copper gutters have been known to last up to 50 years even in the most corrosive environments next to salty bodies of water along salty coastlines from Tampa Bay to Cape Cod. After a few years the penny luster of copper develops a green patine. As water drains from copper gutters it can also stain the concrete, gravel, or anything other surfaces that it drains onto. Copper gutters can be fabricated seamlessly in the same way as aluminum. Copper gutters are also available prefabricated in 10 ft. and 20 ft. pieces. As copper is easy to bend and solder, it is a great metal to use when designing custom shapes.


An advantage of steel gutters is that they are hard to dent. Steel if not properly properly protected will rust if exposed to the environments. Steel can be galvanized with zinc, or protected with Galvalume. Galvalume is steel with a coating of zinc and aluminum. Galvanized gutters are more economical. Steel gutters are strong and can hold up very well to the weight of ice and snow. For this reason they are commonly used for commercial projects, although they are still commonly used to fabricate K-Style or round shaped gutters for use on residential buildings. Steel gutters can be painted with the same finishes that are found on commercial roofs.


A benenfit to using plastic gutters is that plastic doesn’t corrode and as long as they are with ultraviolet ray inhibitors, the plastic or Vinyl gutters should last a while. Vinyl gutters come in 8 ft. and 10 ft. lengths and are sealed together with a neoprene gasket, or cement similar to that used to join PVC pipes. Vinyl gutters expand and contract more than any other material used to make gutters. As of today vinyl gutters costs approximately $20 for a 10 ft. piece of 5″ K-Style.