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Roofing Companies in Miramar

Miramar is a city located in Broward County, Florida. It represents a hub of economic activities. Several roofing companies operate in Broward County, Miramar. More than 300 roofing contractors offer superior quality repair and maintenance ceilings. Most companies install new roofing systems with advanced equipment to ensure high-quality standards. In this blog, we will give an idea about the top 6 roofing companies in Miramar that are family-owned enterprises with good Google and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rankings. In addition, this blog will tailor the understanding of their operational service areas. 

6 Top Roofing Companies in Miramar, Florida

We have selected the following 6 roofing companies on the basis of our selection criteria. Here is a list; you can have ideas about their type of business and certified rankings: 

1. A1 Pro Service Roofing

Description: The company is one of the best roofing companies in Miramar and tailors a wide range of customers in Broward County, Miramar. Over the past two decades, the company has built a strong reputation and has achieved excellence in the roofing industry. The company offers almost all roofing solutions, including roof installations, repair and maintenance, inspections, and ventilation services. Customer satisfaction is its priority. 


  • A1 Pro Service Roofing’s current location is 1800 SW 100th Ave Bay A, Miramar, FL 33025-1848. The company does not have any other branch in Miramar.
  • The company’s Home page carries all the important information that customers want to look at. You can easily witness transparency and fair disclosure of facts.  
  • A1 Pro Service Roofing mentions exclusively that they are a family-owned and operated business. 
  • The company’s recent Google Business ranking is 4 stars, lower than the minimum criteria of 4.7. The company has not had 100 reviews for over 12 months; all reviews are recent and updated. A1 Pro Service follows ethical and professional standards; therefore, its BBB rating is A+.
  • The company has an active website, FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. It maintains regular postings about the company’s performance on its social media accounts.

2. Springer Roofing LLC 

Description: The company has been operational at the heart of Miramar since September 1952. its core services include residential and commercial roofing services. It provides roofing repairs and installations to retain the durability and longevity of your ceilings. The company’s trained professionals provide customers with affordable roofing services. The company offers premium craftsmanship and customer service. 


  • It is situated at 8801SW 129th St., Miramar, FL 33176.
  • The company shows transparency as its “About Us” page contains all relevant information about the services and history of the business.
  • The company is a family-owned LLC business operating under the supervision of Mr. Steven Springer, Jr. Jr., the Owner. It has 13 employees. 
  • The company has no other branches, but its service area covers all major Miramar Streets.
  • Its Google ranking is 4.4/ 5 based on 71 reviews, reflecting extremely good responsiveness, helpfulness, and cooperation. The company has only 20 reviews over 12 months, and almost 80% of reviews are recent and valid. 
  • Its BBB-accredited rating is A+ since 2005. Its positive customer experiences and prompt roofing services showcase high professional standards. 
  • The social media accounts are active and updated regularly. LinkedIn and Instagram posts show the company’s current services.

3. RN Palmer Roofing

Description: The company provides repair and replacement roof services to meet residential and commercial needs. It offers metal, flat, and tile roofing to its customers. The company offers 100% financing options, facilitating its customers’ superior services and customer service.


  • The company’s current address is 10755 Cutler Bay, Miramar.
  • RN Palmer Roofing’s “About Us” page explicitly includes all necessary details about the company, which has active Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.
  • Mr. Robert N. Palmer founded the roofing company. He is a sole proprietor and serves as president and owner. 
  • The company only has Franchises all over Florida, USA.
  • The company is committed to excellent customer satisfaction and roofing services. Customer reviews are reflected in its Google review ranking, which is 5. 
  • RN Palmer Roofing is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating. Their high-valued ethical standards mark them as a top roofing company in Miramar, USA.  

4. Pestana Roofing

Description: The company understands the significance of quality roofing services. They provide roof-repairing solutions to prevent natural disasters. They have been operational for over 25 years. They are the pioneer in Southeast counties of Florida. Their roofing equipment provides complete roofing solutions. They ensure ideal roofing facilities to secure your property from any potential loss.


  • You can approach a company in Southeast Florida that serves Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward counties. 
  • Pestana Roofing is a family-owned and operated business under the presidency of Alfredo Pestana, Owner.
  • The company’s web pages show transparency and accountability regarding disclosed information. Its social media pages actively post updates about company projects and roofing solutions-based blogs.
  • Google rates the company 4.6 out of 5 based on 14 reviews. The average review period is not more than 12 months, which shows that the company is committed to high-quality roofing services.
  • The BBB rating of the company is A+, showing excellent commitment to ethical standards.

5. Earl W. Johnston Roofing, LLC

Description: The company has a 31-year legacy and exemplifies a strong presence in the roofing industry. It excels at disclosing its information to customers and has consistently gone the extra mile to offer roofing services. 


  • It is located at 5721 Dewey Street, Near Miramar, FL.
  • It is a family-owned and operated company with only one branch. The company was founded in the name of its owner, Earl W. Johnston. 
  • Its Google ranking is 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 14 reviews that are not over 12 months. 
  • The company has active social media pages. Its web pages show transparent and reliable information. 
  • The company is A+ BBB accredited. 

6. HRA Roofing Constructions

Description: The company’s quality services are testimonials for its owner, Jefferson Ribeiro. His expertise in roofing services has led the organization to sustain itself for more than thirty years. The company is a state-certified roofing company, ensuring sustainable solutions.


  • It is a family-owned business under the presidency of Jefferson, Roberto. It is located near 5631 N Winston Park, Miramar. Its service area includes all vicinities near Broward County, MIarmar. 
  • The company ensures transparency of information on its active social media pages. Its FB, Instagram, and YouTube carry regular posts about the company’s projects and additions to roofing services.  
  • It is an A+ BBB accreted company, with Google ranking 5 out of 5. The reviews are based on recent customer feedback not before 12 months,


In this blog, we have highlighted brief insights about the roofing industry operating in Miramar, Florida. Six top-notch companies have been selected based on their legal structure, Google and BBB ranking, and information transparency. For benchmarks, we have set at least 4.7 stars for Google reviews and an A+ BBB rating. All companies follow ethical considerations while offering their services. Installation of advanced equipment also adds value to their superior services. Thus, this blog ensures the critical criteria from customers’ perspectives before choosing roofing services.